Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some pictures with classmates in recent years

Ming Tsay & Jack Ho Ski Utah - 2006

Ming with high school friend in Kao's family

Ming & Joe visit Houston

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


據CNN News, 以色列總統於今天(1/23/07)因性犯罪被提起訴. 如您無時間讀全文, 我將要點摘錄如下:
1. 檢查總長認為 Katsav 總統有足够罪證 (包括強暴等), 決定訴
2. 警探曾詢問過總統本人, 及官府有关人員, 並搜得証劇
3. 調查期間, 檢查總長已建議總統下台
4. 總統同時被控妨害司法及恐嚇証人

My Comment: 這則新聞似曾相識? 但差別是未聽说他们(以色列)有總統免責權? 何況今天台灣是在審吳淑珍而不是總統. 如認為證據涉及國家机密, 可以用"机密庭"方式, 這部分可以不向媒体大眾公開. 這類情況 在美國也曾發生過. 需要釋憲嗎? 陳總統應早点了断了这亇案子, 專心利用剩下不多的時間, 創造自己的 Legacy ! 或是拼拼经濟, 或是加速金改等等, 則百姓大幸!

(CNN News 全文如下)
JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israel's attorney general has determined that there is enough evidence to charge Israeli President Moshe Katsav with sex crimes, including rape, which stem from allegations from four of his former female employees, the justice ministry said Tuesday.
Katsav will have a chance to refute the charges in a hearing with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz before Mazuz can proceed with the indictments.
According to a statement from the ministry, Katsav is charged with raping a woman who worked for him in the tourism ministry in 1998 and 1999, as well as indecent acts with use of force.
He is also charged with unlawful intercourse and indecent acts against another woman who worked with him while he was president in 2003-04. Katsav also faces charges of indecent acts with abuse of power against two women who worked for him as president.
He is also being charged with obstruction of justice and harassing a witness.
Katsav has denied any wrongdoing and his lawyer has said that he is the victim of blackmail.
Three months ago, Mazuz recommended Katsav temporarily step down as president -- a mostly ceremonial position in Israel's government -- as he considered the charges.
Criminal investigation
Katsav has said he would suspend himself from office if indicted. His term ends in July and he is not eligible for a second seven-year term, under Israeli law.
A previous Israeli president and several prime ministers have been suspected of financial misdeeds and a former defense minister was convicted of sexual harassment. But the charges facing Katsav are the most serious criminal counts brought against a serving Israeli official.
Mazuz launched a criminal investigation of Katsav in July after a former employee alleged he forced her to have sex under the threat of dismissal.
Police repeatedly questioned Katsav at his official residence and seized personal documents.
Katsav was appointed president by parliament in 2000 after President Ezer Weizman resigned amid allegations of corruption.
Though the Israeli president's role is mostly ceremonial, Razi Barkai, a political journalist for more than 30 years, told CNN these accusations, true or not, will mean an end to Katsav's political career.
News of a possible presidential sex scandal, which was overshadowed when it broke during Israel's war with Hezbollah, has recently become the focus of national media coverage.